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It was great experience for us to work with your Doctors and implement in every department and giving demo and getting approval from your team of doctors / Medical Superindentent.  


  1. Pilot Project for Gynecologic Oncology Department signed on 28th Oct 2015

  2. Pilot Implementation began on 3rd Nov 2015

  3. Completed Gynecologic Oncology on 25th Dec 2015

  4. Completed Surgical Oncology on 25th Jan 2016

  5. Completed Head & Neck Oncology on 26th Feb 2016

  6. Completed Pathology, Radiology & Imaging on 30th Mar 2016

  7. Completed Radiotherapy, Radiation Calendar on 30th Apr 2016

  8. Completed Microbiology, Biochemistry on 24th May 2016

  9. Completed Anesthesiology, Preventive Oncology, Pain & Palliative on 10th Aug 2016. 


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