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Healthcare Goes on Cloud

Posted on January 20, 2016

Cloud benefits the healthcare industry by providing a quick and accurate access to patients EMR at the time of treatment, says Krishnamurthy Ramalingam, CEO & Founder, Galactic Medical Databank Private Limited while speaking with Elets News Network (ENN).

Q1. What are your views on Healthcare standards in India?

India is evolving and we do have customised Indian version of HL- 7, telemedicine standards and EMR standards, but we still need interoperability standards, health policy for hospitals /doctors to send patients medical history within 24 hours upon patients request. Patients should be absolute owner of his/her health data (not hospital or insurance company), etc. Many of these standards are already available and implemented in many countries just that we need to adopt it in our country. Singaporehas adopted and implemented healthcare IT across their country within a timeline of 3-4 years where all public (80%) and private (20%) healthcare delivery clinics and hospitals store their entire patients health data on their private cloud and every citizens health insurance is covered. The cloud computing in healthcare space is developing rapidly.

Q2. What according to you should be done to radically change the healthcare service delivery with ICT intervention? What is your company doing in this regard?

Our company has developed a disruptive innovative product and global integrated digital health platform GMDCLOUD, which seamlessly integrates with various stakeholders such as patients, doctors, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmacy, diagnostics centers, and corporate companies. We have implemented international healthcare standards ICD9, ICD10, SNOMED, CPT4, HCPCS, HL-7, DICOM, HIPAA, HITECH ACT, Meaningful Use, etc. GMDCLOUD also supports Indian languages. We are already implementing it in few tertiary care centers in India and few enquiriesfrom Middle East countries too have come. We feel proud to be a part of Make in India and Digital India initiatives of our government and we might also be able to come up with Digital Health for India in five years period.

Q3. How important is cloud technology in healthcare?

Healthcare on cloud benefits the industry by providing quick and accurate access to patients EMR at the time of treatment. It ensures better coordinated care of patients moving across different levels of healthcare delivery – primary, secondary and tertiary care and also across different healthcare providers public, private, clinics, and hospitals. It helps in taking accurate clinical decisions and saves money on repetitive diagnostics procedures. Healthcare analytics can be used for effective and efficient management of chronic diseases, epidemics, collaborative medical research, and collaborative clinical trials on rare diseases at various levels (state & central). it is helpful in effective and efficient insurance claims settlement.

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